Battle of the Bulge: Sumo Wrestling

These big guys are following a Shinto ritual that has been a part of Japanese culture for five hundred years! Samurai warriors used to fight each other during the Edo period in Japan, and even today, the wrestlers are encouraged to grow their hair and tie it up like the samurai’s did.

Sumo wrestling is a contact sport which takes place in a ring and usually only lasts a couple of seconds! To win, one of the wrestlers has to make sure that a part of his opponent’s body, except for his feet, touches the ground. Once that’s done, the loser is out of the ring!

Sumo wrestlers have to maintain their weight, and have voracious appetites and must eat light breakfasts, heavy dinners and lunches and need to take a nap after every heavy meal! This is unhealthy though, and Sumo wrestlers have a life expectancy that’s ten years lower than the average Japanese man.

The wrestlers are also

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