Easy Steps to Learn the Bhangra! Hai!

The Bhangra is a traditional Indian dance. The dance form originated in Punjab, in the north of India and is colorful, fast-paced, and extremely lively! Most songs from Bollywood (the Indian film industry) have at least one Bhangra sequence in them. Here is a quick tutorial on having some bhangra fun at your next Bollywood theme party!

1. Wear a brightly colored and loose fitting tunic (kurta) and comfortable loose pants (salwar). Be creative! Boys, you can wear colorful vests and turbans. Girls, get those pretty, bright cotton stoles (dupattas) out and tie them around your waist. Don’t forget to accessorize! Bangles, big earrings, and necklaces!

2. Put on some fun, Hindi dance music. You can find ‘bhangra remixes’ versions of many popular Bollywood tunes.

3. Hold your arms up, shake your shoulders and your head, and with every beat shout ‘hai’!

You’ll find that fit right into any Punjabi wedding!

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