The History of Tarot Cards Educational Video

People have always been looking for signs. Are they in the right job? Are they in love with the right person? Through the ages, oracles, soothsayers and gypsies have been providing this information through Ouija boards, crystal balls, and even tarot cards.

If you are intrigued by the idea of learning to use the tarot cards to tap into a more spiritual side of you, then read on. This video and this article should help you.

1. Read up about the cards and their meanings from a book, or online before you decide to pick up a deck.
2. When you go to buy your cards, make sure you spend time holding the packs in your hands. Try and connect with the pack and the images on the cards. Go with your intuition.
3. Before you start doing readings for friends, try and use the cards to internalize. Wrap up the cards in a dark silk cloth to protect them from negative energies.
4. Remember, the only rule is: Have an open mind!

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