How the United States President is Elected


167 countries in the world today have proclaimed to be democratic nations. This means that in these countries, each and every adult is considered equal and has the power and voice to chose who heads their country. Democratic nations are protected by a set of laws that are usually contained in a constitution; and leaders who are chosen by a majority of the population, hold these laws in place.

Giving power to the people is a concept that has been practiced by civilizations for over two thousand years, and the term democracy, which literally means people (demos) power (kratos) in Greek, was first used in Athens.

Did you know? India is the world’s largest democracy. Historical evidence shows that the first government to have a formal democratic process similar to what is practiced today was set up in the modern Indian state of Bihar in as early as the 6th century B.C.E!

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  1. Robert says:

    This is a great video takes a very complex topic and makes it simple! Thanks for posting, get us some more videos!

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