How to Change Brake Pad

This educational video shows you how to change your brake pads.

Even race car drivers will tell you that a car’s braking capacity takes precedence over its acceleration. Putting a car through a wall is not nearly as much fun as touching the brakes slightly, banking into a turn, and scooting out the other side. Nor as safe.

But braking systems often fail us — usually from our own neglect. Even Formula One cars won’t stop as effectively with worn brake pads. It’s the equipment, folks, not the driver.

In the case of braking, it’s essential that we maintain optimum friction pad depth to insure maximum performance of the braking system. In layman’s terms: change your brake pads!

In previous articles at we’ve discussed the ins and outs of braking systems. The link below provides an excellent primer on the differences between drum and disc brakes. You might want to read it before going any further.

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