How to Cook Ribs

In this great educational video Uncle Phil teaches you how to cook ribs, and says there is nothing like cooking bbq ribs. First wash you hands, cleanliness is a priority. On the backside of the rib rack, there is a thin membrane that needs to be removed. You can simply use your fingers to grab it and peel it off. Use a barbeque rub that you can find at any local supermarket. Apply a thin layer of olive oil to help the rub stick to the meat. You may have to cut the rack in half depending on the size of your grill. Use a rib rack and place the rack in place. At two hundred seventy five degrees cook for three hours. Use brow sugar and honey applied to the ribs, and pour a light covering of apple sauce to keep the ribs from drying out. Wrap completely in tin foil and put them back on the grill for another ninety minutes. Apply barbeque sauce and they are ready to serve!

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