How to Fix Open Tray Error Xbox 360

This educational video walks you through several options on how to repair a failing xbox 360 disk drive. Methods discussed include replacement, and laser intensity adjustment. This video is perfectly suited for advanced users and the electronicallty inclined.

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7 Responses to How to Fix Open Tray Error Xbox 360

  1. NP Fan says:

    This helps – Thank you – Great site. Kush – thanks for posting this.

  2. spin says:

    did this today, worked great!!! TY for all the help!

  3. heckes33 says:

    didnt work for me it reads a computer game and software as multi media disk….. thats what its supposed to do………but wont read games just says open tray

  4. jjsissman says:

    when you are talking about the ohms, are you talking in megaohms (ohms x100) or which unit? because when I tested my Philips drive it read about 400 ohms, which is 4 megaohms. thanks, hope this works

  5. Bryce says:

    I couldnt get a reading on the meter but i tightened the drive and it works now. Thanks!

  6. buto says:

    What about replacing the lens, does it work, I mean does it fix the open tray error? Or what do you suggest?

  7. Clint says:

    My xbox has the open tray Problem so i took it apart and my disk drive is not spining. Will what you are in your video fix this or is there something else wrong? Thanks

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