Conserving Energy by Using More Natural Light into Your Home

Learn how to conserve energy by letting more natural light into your new home. Blending natural light fixtures into house lighting design helps boost mental, increases positive thought and physical health, saves on energy costs and is the new eco-friendly way to go.

The sun makes colors seem more intense, less muted, and the light creeps into corners and makes a room feel larger, airier and more fresh. With increased energy costs and concerns about the global climatic change, using natural light is also an excellent way to conserve energy. Strategically placed large windows and skylights are the best ways to maximize the use of natural light in your homes.

Did you know? An ancient Indian chant goes: “O, radiant Sun rising in the sky, please destroy the disease in my heart as well as diseases of my external body. Let inner and outer diseases of my body be destroyed by brilliantly shining Sun.”

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