Nalanda University: The ancient teachings of Buddist India

Nalanda University is the worlds most ancient university and was an active center of great knowledge and teaching between the years 427 and 1197 C.E. It was one of the most important intellectual centers in the world.

At its peak, the university houses ten thousand students who were taught by two thousand teachers who were the best in their fields. Students would come to learn from these great scholars from as far away as Greece and Persia. Chinese, Japanese and Zen scholars visited the university and took back to their countries the knowledge from this prestigious university.

1500 years ago, this great university, located in modern Bihar in India, had large libraries with thousands of books, dormitories for its students, and was visited many times by Gautama Buddha himself in his lifetime. Its architecture, planning, and sheer scale make it one of greatest surviving monuments from history.

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