Open Source software? Who checks the copyright?

For all of you who believe that you aren’t ‘tech-savvy’ enough to understand software codes, if you think cookies are another name for biscuits that could have chocolate chips in them, or if the only thing you associate with Linux is a penguin, this is the video is for you.

Let us begin by understanding what ‘Open Source’ is. Before I start rattling off in technical jargon, I’m going to give you an actual example of something inspired by the Open Source movement.
Imagine a company named OpenCola. We all know that soft drink recipes from Pepsi and Coke are closely guarded secrets, only as easy to get as fish from the paws of a hungry polar bear.

Lets say, OpenCola has a recipe for a soft drink that has a very similar taste as that of these standard beverages. Also lets say, OpenCola makes these recipes available to you online for free!
You can download these recipes, use them and modify them to your liking. More sugar perhaps, maybe a little less caramel.
The idea behind Open Source is the same thing. This video explains the technical aspect better.

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