Talk With Your Body: Mark Bowden on Body Language

Is your body saying what your mouth is when you meet someone?
Non-verbal communication or body language actually does 80% of the talking when you meet someone.

Did you know?
1. People’s feet usually point to where they want to go. So if you are talking to someone, but their feet are pointing away from you, they are probably not listening.
2. You can make out if someone is lying, or holding back information if they put their hands over their mouths, or constantly rub their noses while talking to you. (Careful about this one, they might just have a cold!)
3. If someone is crossing their arms in a room that isn’t too cold, it means they are not open to your thoughts and ideas.
4. Constant eye contact is a sign that a person is interested in what you are saying.

Watch this video and get more tips on how to make people listen to you.

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