The Effects of Green House Gases

Green House Gases

Methane, water vapour, nitrous oxide and ozone are the green houses gases, which exist in the earth’s atmosphere. They absorb thermal radiations that are breathed out by the earth’s surface and reflect it back to the earth, thereby serving as a blanket preventing the earth from heat loss and keeping temperatures constant and perfect for animals to live, and plants to grow.

For years now, rising temperatures have been a particularly hot topic among environmentalists. The reason? An increase in the emission of green houses gases because of industrialization, burning of fossil fuels, and use of vehicles that run on petroleum and its products. This has caused an increase in the earth’s temperature and is leading to phenomena like local climate change, freak occurrences like tsunamis and rising water levels.

Did you know? The green house gases have been protecting the earth for billions of years. If not for them, the earth’s temperature would have been up to 35 degrees centigrade lower and there would be no life on earth!

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