The fight against Aparthied

South Africa is a melting pot of people and race. The Dutch colonization of South Africa brought with it a large European population, who used Africans and Indians as slaves to work in their fields.

But one of the darkest times in South African history was the time between 1948 and 1994, when the National Party government which was in power at the time, created new laws that was based on race segregation.

This meant that laws, educations, services, taxes, housing, health care, etc, all depended on the color of a person’s skin, and not on any other socio-economic factors.
This lead to a major movement, and in 1994 lead to Nelson Mandela being made the first ever black president of South Africa.

Mandela’s fight to bring justice to the colored peoples of the country was a bitter and tough one, which included him spending twenty seven years in prison.

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