Vaccinations: How a Milk-maid Saved Millions!

We all cringe when we think of getting those vaccination injections, but like the saying goes, no pain, no gain! Getting vaccinated actually stimulates your body’s defense mechanism to protect your body from an infection.

Edward Jenner came across the idea of vaccinations when he realized that milk-maids who were exposed to cows which suffered cowpox didn’t get infected by smallpox virus. He found out that cowpox was actually a milder version of smallpox, and being infected by cowpox stimulated the milkmaids’ body to create antibodies which protected them from the fatal smallpox virus!

Thanks to Jenner’s keen observation, other scientists discovered the rabies and the polio vaccine. These vaccinations that are introduced into the body contain weaker, or sometimes even dead strains of a similar virus.

Did you know? In 1965 all traces of smallpox were eradicated from the world.

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